It’s Dad’s Day on Sunday June 17, 2018!

Forget ties, BBQ utensils and tools. Give Dad chocolate to enjoy on its own or with his favourite beverage!




NEW!! Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups made by Ultimately Chocolate in Manotoulin Island.  Who’s Dad doesn’t like peanut butter??? This box is filled with 4 large and delicious chocolate and peanut butter truffles enrobed in a rich milk chocolate shell.

Already beautifully packaged and ready to give.

$12.00 per 3 piece box




Assorted box of chocolates from the Newfoundland Chocolate are a constant favourite here. Each box has flavours with local ingredients and named after Newfoundland places and people.

Pictured here is the  “Rum Runners and Rogues” liqueur chocolate collection that is dedicated to Newfoundland’s host of colourful characters: pirates and politician, rum runners and ruffians, shady businessmen and all-out miscreants!

Other assortments include “Jigs and Reels” (assorted box), ” Lighthouse” (all dark), “Explorers” (nuts and caramel), “Quiet Cove” (all milk) and “Smiling Land” (wild berries).

14 piece boxes $27.00





Here’s something fun! Chocolate Signatures in Toronto has created chocolate cigar truffles that are flavoured with stout beer! Each package contains 5 cigars individually wrapped. Smoking good 🙂

The other flavour is Bourbon Truffle Cigars.

5 cigar box $10.00





NEW!! Wild Sweets, our Vancouver chocolatier who sends us the wonderful Salted Caramels, has just launched this new bar and we think it’s a perfect gift for your Dad!

73% Dark bean to bar chocolate flavoured with a mixuture of dried hops, sea salt and a few other key ingredients found in beer makes for a perfect beer pairing bar! Pick up your Dad’s favourite craft beer, this bar and give Dad a unique and fun gift!

56g bar $7.00




Does your Dad enjoy wine as well as beer? Tasting Mendients are the go to for variety. Four flavours available and each pairs specifically with white wine, red wine, fortified wine or beer. And four mendients fit perfectly in our small box. You can select any variety combo you want and if you need more than 4, we’ve got bigger boxes!

What’s a Tasting Mendient? It’s a square of white or dark chocolate sprinkled with almonds, dried fruit (that pairs with the drink) and fruit gelee (also paired specifically with the drink). It’s also a little piece of heaven 🙂

$2.50 per mendient.



Another great pairing idea that is a popular gift.

BRIX is chocolate that has been specifically formulated to pair with wine. It comes in various size, price and package options.

Shown here is the BRIX Collection. Beautifully presented in a book like package this box contains 4 blocks of chocolate each to be  paired with different wines. Guidelines for pairing and serving are also included.

Brix Collection $40

Other Options: Brix Bites – 24 assorted  2 piece packages $18, BRIX 227g Block $16






And nothing beats an artisan hand crafted bean to bar chocolate bar! And we have lots!

Plain white, milk, dark milk or dark chocolate.

Salted, spicy, nuts, fruit inclusion bars.

Dairy free, gluten free, nut free, soy free, and vegan options available.

Come in to see our assortment!