Father’s Day Sunday June 16

Don’t know what to get your dad for Fathers Day? He doesn’t need any golf stuff, a new tie or shirt and he’s probably ok for socks. But when was the last time he enjoyed a really really great chocolate? Here’s what we suggest that will wow your Dad on Sunday June 16.

What’s better than spending time with your Dad?
Pick up a few tickets to our Chocolate & Whisky event and spend the evening together at a fun and unique event!
Together with Robert White, Whisky Ambassador, we have paired 4 artisan chocolates with 4 whiskies (including single malt scotches) that, when enjoyed together, will be a taste experience like none other.
The event is held in the store on Friday June 21 from 7:30pm to 9:00pm.
Tickets are $65 (plus tax) and are very limited.
As of today,we have 4 tickets left, so call soon if you’d like to join us!

If you can’t make it to our event, here’s the next best thing!
These chocolate bars are hand crafted by artisan chocolate makers wanting to give your Dad his favourite drink combined with bean to bar chocolate.
$10 – $14
For the Dad who enjoys his chocolate straight up…
and a method to enjoy it in a different way.
The JOJO COCO Chocolate Taster is our boxed version of a Chocolate Tasting event. Everything you need is in the box!
Four dark chocolate bars to taste and compare,
“How to Taste Chocolate” guidelines,
Flavour Wheels to help identify the flavour profile of each bar,
and note cards.
A gift for the curious Dad!
Nuts and caramels – a classic pairing with chocolate and a favourite for many!
Dark Chocolate Salted Bacon (yes bacon!) Caramel Box $14.50
Dufflet Tofflet is English Toffee in Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate & Maple $5 / box
Soma’s Slow Roasted Almonds tumbled in Dark Chocolate $15
Dark Chocolate and Grey Salt or Milk Chocolate with Smoked Salt Caramels $1.75/pc (available in singles or boxed)
Explorer Series by the Newfoundland Chocolate Company is filled with milk and dark chocolates each with a different combination of nuts and caramels 14 pieces $27
Cocopotamus Fudge Truffles are available in 12 flavours, including a Salted Caramel Fudge and Coconut Caramel Fudge shown here $2.50/pc
For the adventurous Dad!
Chocolate combined with some heat, or liquorice, or
flavours like saffron or pepper cardamom, olive oil or fig!
Each of the bars pictured has a unique flavour feature
giving your Dad a “first time experience”.
$2 – $14
Is your Dad a coffee lover?
Coffee and chocolate go hand in hand, especially when the chocolate is craft and the coffee is selectively chosen to pair with the flavour profile of the chocolate.
Chocolate covered coffee and espresso beans, bars with white, milk or dark chocolate, coffee combined with other flavours…the possibilities are endless!
$5 – $14