Valentine’s Day Feb 14, 2019

Love is in the air and the aroma of chocolate is everywhere!

Because Valentine’s Day and chocolate are inseparable, always meant to be together for this celebration, and we have a lovely assortment to choose from so the one you love gets the most favourite chocolate. We’ll show you some here but there’s more in the store so come by and check it out.

Our store will be open longer  on Feb 12, 13 and 14. OPEN at 9am and close at 8pm.

Truffles – always a favourite for Valentine’s Day.

Why? Because they are an indulgence, each one offers a new flavour, and of course because they are shareable 🙂

This year we offer 2 mixed boxes with chocolates in each made by Gem Chocolates and Wild Sweets, both chocolatiers from Vancouver.

The “Sweet” box is a combination of milk chocolate flavours by Gem and white chocolate hearts with fruit fillings by Wild Sweets. $28.80

“All Dark” is filled with dark truffles by Gem and dark caramel with nuts by Wild Sweets. $27.60

Chocolate hearts are a must have! These Buttermilk Gianjuda Hearts are boxed, ribboned and ready to give. Made with milk chocolate and hazelnut these will melt your loved one’s heart!

Made by Ultimately Chocolate, Gore Bay, Ont

Two hearts $12.00

Prefer dark chocolate?

Desbarres Chocolate from Uxbridge Ont has 2 varieties of dark chocolate hearts, packaged in pairs – perfect for sharing the love! “Fire and Ice” combines Tanzanian cocoa with cinnamon. The original “Two Hearts” has an abundance of raspberry mixed in the same dark chocolate.

$12 per pair.

Lots of options to choose from in these pre-packaged assortments!

The Newfoundland Chocolate Company, Ultimately Chocolate, Chocolate Signature and Holdsworth chocolate boxes are filled with deliciousness and beautifully wrapped. Choose from all milk, all dark or assorted chocolate.

$12 to $35

Bars, bars, bars!

Special flavours and limited editions join our regular line up for Valentine’s Day. Lots of spicy bars, lots of fruit bars, some infused with wine and ALL wrapped in uniquely designed packaging, adding to the specialness of these handcrafted bars. ChocoSol’s special Mon Cherry D’Amour bar is created with sour cherries from Quebec combined with dark chocolate some vanilla and a little sea salt, specially for Valentine’s Day.  Hummingbird has created a Raspberry Nib and a Strawberry Pink Pepper bars. And the Newfoundland Chocolate Company has sent a milk chocolate salted caramel bar wrapped in various expressions of love, Newfoundland style.

This idea occurred to us after our last Chocolate and Tea pairing event. Why not package the bars with the tea so these lovely pairings can be enjoyed at home? So we did!

There are 4 options to choose from with each tea paired with a plain dark chocolate. Wulong, Darjeeling and Roasted Green teas were selected by World of Tea (Ottawa) as best pairings with these bars. Truly tasty.

$16.50 to $21 per pairing