Valentine’s Day Feb 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day is approaching and the celebration of love always includes chocolate! It’s expected. It’s traditional.

You can expect to get only the best chocolate from us. And it’s anything but traditional.

Here’s a quick look at Valentine’s Day…but so much more  in store, so drop in to pick up some chocolate for your love.

                                    Beautiful boxes, ribboned and tagged,  containing 12 of Wild Sweets cocoArt . $27


 Our combo box – Rich flavoured Cocopotamus Fudge Truffles, one of each of Hummingbird Chocolatemaker’s Valentines Day bars and a Wild Sweet Raspberry Heart right in the middle.  A little bit of everything giving a whole lot of flavours! $42.25 LIMITED QUANTITIES



Beauty and simplicity. Dark chocolate hearts by Gem Chocolate in Vancouver. The interlocking hearts have a dark chocolate ganache filling and a red and silver lustre finish. $4.50  The two piece larger heart is perfect on its own but has room to be filled with a few truffles. $20

                  We have an assortment of bars that have been created just for this time of year. Lots of dark and milk chocolate with cinnamon or strawberries, cherries or raspberries. Hummingbird bars $10, SOMA bars $12, Violet Chocolate Company bars $13


 Packaged in groups of 3, these Melange a Trois bars by Desbarres are a lovely way to sample 3 different bars $24. New this year from Desbarres – Two Hearts – one raspberry, one strawberry, both 69% single origin chocolate $8