Made in Canada Spring 2016 Update

SOMA Chocolate began making chocolate in 2003 in a tiny corner of a former whisky distillery in Toronto.  When they began their journey, David and Cynthia defined their concept: finding new ways to create and enjoy chocolate. They have done just that and have grown to 2 stores, a small chocolate factory and the loyal support of many chocolate obsessed customers, including many here in Ottawa!

SOMA Chocolate has been part of JoJo’s assortment since we opened our doors in March 2012. The choices evolve, as the seasons change and as SOMA develops new chocolate experiences, so visit us often to see what’s just arrived.

Today you will find”plain and simple chocolate bars” in Costa Rican Milk and Peruvian Dark, the “revolution” of nuts and other goodies tumbled in chocolate, two flavours of the ever popular SOMA tube, hot chocolate and micro batch bars made from cacao beans from all over the world.

Food Fact: All natural ingredients – “junk free”. One sugar free 54% dark chocolate bar is available.

NEW!!! Beginning 2 years ago in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Palette De Bine starting making bean to bar chocolate and selling it at the local market. Since then, Christine Blais, the chocolate maker at Palette De Bine has been wowing us with her chocolate and even snagged a Bronze Medal at the International Chocolate Awards in 2015!

We are thrilled to add these bars to our Made in Canada selection with these 4 flavours:

Wild Harvest, Alto Beni, Bolivia 70%        Lachua, Guatemala 70%

Maya Mountain, Belize 72%          Camino Verde, Ecuador 85%

Food Fact: Soy free, gluten free, dairy free and nut free

70g bar $13


We love, love, love the way Sirene Chocolate has decided to package their bars! Two bean-to-bar flavours in one box, giving you the opportunity to try 2 very different flavour profiles. You can savour each separately, or taste one then the other to compare, or put a taste of both in your mouth at the same time and have a taste explosion! So many options!

The tasting pairs offer the options of  a 73% Ecuadorian bar and a 73% Madagascar bar with your choice of plain dark or fleur de sel or a 100%  Ecuadorian and 100% Madagascar bar. Hand crafted in small batches in Victoria B.C.

Food Fact:  Gluten, dairy and soy free.

$9.00 per 56g package of 73% cacao, $11.00 per 56g package of 100% cacao


Giddy YoYo Organic Vegan Chocolate Bars from Orangeville, Ontario, have been on our shelves since we opened way back in 2012.  These raw, organic, hand made dark bars allow you to indulge and feel good about it!

For the spring we will have 4 flavours of bars: 69% Sweet Vanilla, 76% Spicy, 76% Mint, 82% Vanilla Bean and Salt.  And we’ve added Giddy Yoyo Raw Cacao Powder to our baking line, so you can enhance your home recipes with this high quality, delicious and nutritious cacao.

Food Fact: Free of gluten, nuts, dairy, soy, refined sugar and other nasty stuff. 100% raw, vegan and organic.

$7.00 per 62g bar, $18.00 454g bag Cacao Powder

 At Wild Sweets in Vancouver, Cindy and Dominique “blend the exotic and the familiar, the element of surprise and the sense of comfort” providing the chocolate lover with a multi sensory experience.

Beautiful and delicious, hand painted and hand crafted artisan chocolate made by adding new twists to old favourites has made Wild Sweets a favourite at JoJo CoCo.

Hand Painted Hearts are carried year round, as are the delicious-can’t-get-enough-of salted caramels! The cocoa nibs series and goodies such as Wild Sweets “cocoArt” (hand painted truffles) are available seasonally.

Food Fact: Certified Organic, Fair Trade Chocolate.

$2.50 for Raspberry Hearts, $1.75 for caramels



Awhile back I met Brent and a few of the gang from Newfoundland Chocolate Company at the Toronto Gift Fair. Tried some of the boxed chocolate and thought – wow! – we need to have these boxes in the store.

For this season, we have 3 different assortments – all dark, all milk, and a chocolate and berry assortment. Beautiful, delicious chocolate in a picturesque box and completed with a very entertaining flavour map!

$25.00 per box of 15




These bars were recommended to us by a customer and boy are we glad he did! The Newfoundland Chocolate Company makes gourmet, artisan chocolate bars. As the winner of Atlantic Food Product of the Year and named as one of Canada’s Top Ten Chocolates by Canadian Living, you know you’re tasting something fabulous when you try one of these bars.

We think the packaging is fantastic  - all the bars are wrapped in colourful Newfoundland jellybean house designs.

We now have 12 flavours – white, milk and dark chocolate, plain and flavoured (mint, wildberries, blueberry, orange, chili), and low sugar (milk and dark) options.

$4.95 per bar


We’re taken with the fun chocolate that chocoStyle from Montreal is creating! Chocolate shoes, chocolate lipstick, chocolate iPhones and chocolate make up kits are all hand made and meticulously crafted by Beyond Expert Chocolatier, Annie Roggero. Annie has been making chocolate and honing her craft for decades and you can see the care and attention in each of her beautiful chocolates masterpieces!

Prices range from $1.50 to $30, based on the product.





If you’re looking for a bar with an interesting combination of ingredients, look no further! The Violet Chocolate Company from Edmonton has created a line up of bars with combinations of ingredients that will make you say “Whaaat?” and then “WoW” after you try them! So many of these bars are award winners and once you taste them, you’ll know why. How about Lemon and Dill in white chocolate or Honey Rosemary milk chocolate? Maybe Spicy Hibiscus in Dark? Come give them a try!

FOOD FACT: Gluten free

$6.00 per 36g bar



Some other interesting flavoured bars crafted by organic fair in Cobble Hill, BC that we stumbled upon and are now so taken by them! All these bars are done in 70% dark chocolate with flavours inspired from various corners of the world. Little Italy with espresso beans and lemon was inspired by the Espresso Romano, while Silk Road was the path of merchants from the East and West and combines the flavours of peppermint and orange. We love pairing the Canadiana with Covered Bridge Brewing’s “cabin a sucre” – truly a match made in heaven!
Food Fact: Certified Organic
$6.00 per 43g bar