Made in Canada Fall 2017 Update

A big part of our store mission is to source great chocolate being made across Canada and bringing it into our store. We’re proud to say that we have chocolate coming in to our store from Newfoundland to BC, with many stops along the way. Oh Canada!


Starting on the east coast, we have worked with The Newfoundland Chocolate Company for many years. Their chocolate is truly reflective of their home, from packaging to local ingredients and we just can’t resist them!

The Row House Bars are packaged in the colourful bright homes of Newfoundland. These bars are available in white, milk and dark chocolate and a variety of flavours, using numerous local ingredients such as blueberries and  $5.50 each or a packaged set of 6 for $30. Great gifts!




A staple for chocolate fans – almond bark. The Newfoundland Chocolate Company packages these in all white, all milk, all dark or a combination of the three.

Combo packages also available with low sugar content.

These make for a great host/hostess gift – that hopefully your host/hostess will open and share with you!

250g boxes are $20 each







When these bars first arrived we needed to call  The Newfoundland Chocolate Company for translation!

All bars are milk chocolate salted caramel – yum – and are wrapped in various expressions from Newfoundland – so fun! There’s bound to be one or two that say exactly what you want to say!

50g bars $6.50 each





Beautifully wrapped chocolates with each box displaying a picturesque scene from Newfoundland Labrador. Inside, pretty hand made chocolates with delicious and pure ingredients and flavour descriptions placed around a map of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Our current assortment includes Quiet Cove Milk Chocolates, Lighthouse Dark Chocolates, Jigs ‘n Reels Assorted Chocolates, Explorer Nuts and Caramel Chocolates, Smiling Land Wildberry Chocolates and Rumm Runners and Rogues Liqueur Chocolates.

15 piece box $27.00





Heading into Quebec, we have a selection of these beautifully designed Belgian chocolate bouches by ChocoStyle in Montreal.

White, milk and dark chocolate with fun and unexpected flavour combinations such as Lime White and Jalapeño Dark  as well as our beloved favourites – Dark Chocolate Mint, Raspberry Delight and Dulce de Leche.

It’s easy to fill a box with these flavours and colours! Choose your own combination and quantity and we’ll happily package them up for you.

$1.75 per piece






No, it’s not an accident that suddenly there’s a shoe on our pages of chocolate. Made by ChocoStyle in Montreal (of course) they have combined tow of our favourite things – shoes and chocolate – and have named it the Shoecolate of course!

Available in many designs and colours as well as white, milk or dark chocolate these Shoecolates are fun and the ideal gift for that shoe person in your life. We all have one 🙂

Hand crafted using Belgian chocolate each shoe is 250g. $20 per shoe.





We can’t keep up with Christine Blais owner and chocolate maker at Palette de Bine!  Located in Mont Tremblant Christine only started making bean to bar chocolate a few years ago but it seems every time she creates a new bar it’s an internationally recognized award winner!

These bars are beautifully made – the mold has a wood grain appearance and the bar is just the right thickness. Flavour notes are described however just vaguely, leaving you to draw your own conclusions.

We currently have Haiti 70%, Maya Mountain Belize 72%, Vietnam Lam Dong 72%, Kokoa Kamili Tanzania 72%, and the very special Alto Beni Bolivia 70% made with maple sugar in lieu of cane sugar. Bars are 70g and $13 each, $20 for Bolivia and only a few of these left. All bars are gluten, soy, dairy and nut free.


As we head out of Quebec and into Ontario, don’t forget we have placed Olivia Chocolat from Cantley Quebec, Cocohari Fine Chocolate from Ottawa, Ontario  and Hummingbird Chocolate from Almonte, Ontario under our “Locally Made” section, so you can find them there.



Oh my – SOMA Chocolate how much we love what you create!  SOMA began making chocolate in 2003 in Toronto and over the years has created bean to bar micro batch bars, plain and simple bars, hot drinks and tumbled  treats, to mention but a few of their special assortment.

The “soma tube” pictured here is one of our customer favourites. Also available in milk chocolate and hazelnut, the soma tube featured here is a dark Peruvian chocolate combined with barberries, cocoa nibs and hand made toffee. Makes a perfect gift, travels well thanks to the innovative packaging, and makes for a great and easy dessert that your guests will love! $27 each and available as of  mid September.




As we mentioned above, SOMA Chocolate uses a tumbling process they refer to as their “revolution” products. Using a big tumbling machine filled with chocolate, they toss in nuts or fruits or beans and fill these little jars with this tumbled goodies. Cute and tasty!

Currently we have Cacao Nibs, Australian Ginger, Espresso Beans and coming back soon, Wild Cherries (a favourite here). Ranging in weight and priced from $10 to $12 per jar.






We wait in anticipation for our newest assortment of SOMA bean-to- bar chocolate to arrive…so we can’t show it to you yet! However we can let you know that we will be receiving both milk and dark bars, both plain and flavoured, from the plain &  simple assortment as well as the micro batch list.

We’ll keep you posted once the bars arrive – likely mid September.



NEW!!! Chocosol hit our shelves when we relocated to our new store and just like that they became a instant hit! Stone ground dark chocolate made with Mexican cacao beans minimally processed results in an incredible amount of flavour and great texture. Chocosol started in Mexico but has since moved to Toronto. They have a wonderful mission and vision that you can learn about at

Currently we have 7 bars – all gluten, soy, dairy and nut free – in flavours of Sinfully Raw Vanilla, 5 Chili Bullet, Vanilla Sea Salt, Coffee Crunch, Luscious Coconut, Darkness and the very first albino cacao bar we have ever had in the store – Jaguar Swirl. Bars range from $7 to $10 each. Bag of roasted beans $9.50

We loved the bars so much we decided to also carry the Drinking Chocolate. For making both frothy hot and icy cold drinks in flavours of Aztec Blood, Vanilla, Cinnamon and plain Dark. 2 puck bags $9.50 each


Sometimes you just need a chocolate confection! CH Ocolate, based in Toronto, and the sister company of Dufflett has the absolute best chocolate sponge toffee we have ever tasted! Once you taste it you’ll know what it’s award winning! Pick with milk or dark chocolate and let the childhood memories come flooding back! 140g box for $9.00

And if you prefer your PB & J without the bread, these are for you! Jam centre, surrounded by peanut butter and then dipped in Belgian dark chocolate. Bet you can’t eat just one 🙂 160g box for $9.00



Dufflett Rosenberg is a renowned pastry chef in Toronto, particularly known for her fabulous wedding cakes and fine pastries and decadent desserts. Everything Dufflett makes is hand crafted in her Toronto pastry shops, using all natural ingredients.

She created a line of Small Indulgences that combine unique ingredients to satisfy the sweet tooth. Milk Chocolate Maple Cashews, Milk Chocolate Caramel Pistachios and Dark Chocolate Cranberries and Blueberries are perfect for snacking or serving your guests after dinner. 180g box for $12.50



If you drive a little north east of Toronto you will find Uxbridge, Ontario. And if you find Uxbridge you will find the home of DesBarres Chocolate.

Relatively new on the bean-to-bar chocolate scene, DesBarres is the creation of Ariane and Erik Hansen, who have a passion for chocolate so much so that they decided to take a stab at making it themselves. From the bean. Craft chocolate, made in small batches initially with only 2 ingredients – organic cacao and organic cane sugar, until they started playing with some flavours and now we have Black Pepper Cardamom and Orange Spice to add to the line up of deliciously made bars.

Currently we have 72% and 78% Kilombero Tanzania, 72% and 78% Camino Verde Ecuador,  72% and 85% Madagascar, as well as the flavoured bars. The smooth melt, lovely flavour notes and the way these bars pair with various wines make them a favourite here. $8 each




NEW!!!! Based in Orillia Ontario, Hot Mama Foods is a family owned business that specializes in spicy condiments. When we heard they do Dessert Drizzlers we knew we wanted them! Made with fresh Scotch Bonnet Chilis from Jamaica, these drizzles pack a punch of heat! Made with all natural ingredients, they are gluten free, dairy free, kosher, vegan and have no msg or artificial flavours.

We have added the Cafe Mocha and Chocolate Pepper to our dessert assortment and recently gave them both a try using the Spicy Decadent Brownies recipe card. A big hit at our table! And yes, they are spicy!

250ml bottle $9



Heading west we found a lovely chocolatier who makes fabulous bars with very unusual flavour combinations!

Good things being sent from The Violet Chocolate Company out in Edmonton but we promised we wouldn’t let the cat out of the bag until we received the new flavours. So as soon as can, we’ll pass on the new exciting flavours!




Moving along and getting the west coast, we have to give many thanks to Wild Sweets by DC Duby in Richmond BC for making what we believe to be THE BEST salted caramels we have ever had! These have been a staple n our store since we first opened and they never disappoint. Ad we have sold thousands of them!

34% Milk chocolate smoke salt caramels – it’s the smoked salt…so delicious.

70% Dark Chocolate with Gray Salt – crunchy, creamy dark and decadent.

Sold in singles so you can decide how many you must have. $1.75 per piece





Something new from Wild Sweets and proving to be quite a hit…these lovely little tasting mendiants. Made with white or dark chocolate and covered with fruit, nuts and gelees they are intended to pair with beer, white wine or red wine. No wonder they’re so popular!

We think they make a great addition to a gift of wine for your hostess and 4 fit perfectly into our little boxes.

They’re also the perfect size for a little self indulgence, with or without the wine. Personally we’d still have the wine 😉

$2.50 per square.



The cutest little jars filled with bite size treats from Wild Sweets.

Stay with all chocolate, choose either milk or dark and enjoy the combination of chocolate, almonds, hazelnuts and rice crisps.

Or change it up a bit and choose toffee. Toffee, chocolate, and either hazelnut vanilla or spiced butter pecan.

Can’t choose? We suggest taking one of each home! 85g jars $8 each




A new addition to our chocolate bar assortment since we opened our new location. Wild Sweets is “Canada’s only science-based chocolate makers they enjoy taking premium cocoa beans and turning them into incredible chocolates and novel confections”.

The assortment of bars is true testament to that! With combinations like Vanilla Bean Caramel, Coffee & Walnut, or Ginger Caramel, Coconut & Macadamia in blended dark chocolate these bars are a tasting experience! And they contain 95% organic ingredients. 65g bars $6.50 each






Zimt Chocolate  is a relative newcomer to JoJo CoCo. It all started while visiting Vancouver I picked up their Maple Smoked Salt Rosemary bar. Love at first bite! Extra bonus? This hand crafted chocolate is raw, organic, vegan and fair trade.

Emma Smith, the Owner and Founder of Zimt has formulated all of her recipes to be made with high quality ingredients ensuring they have the deliciousness you would expect in a luxury chocolate. The chocolate is 80% and sweetened with coconut sugar.

For Fall 2017 we will try to keep the Maple Smoked Salt & Rosemary bar in stock, as it was the first bar to sell out in our new location! As well, we have Peppermint Nib’d, Sweet Orange Nib’d and Kaffee bars. 40g bars $7.50  Also available: Double Chocolate Macaroons and Salted Vanilla Caramel Macaroons! $7.50 /2 piece box.

Beautiful truffles from Gem Chocolates, from Vancouver, continue to grace the inside of our truffle cabinet.  Glenn, the chocolatier and owner of Gem,  makes so many different flavours of delicious chocolates we have to narrow our selection down to six but we try to pick favourites as well as new flavours.

For this Fall we have proven faves such PB Squares, Pepper Spray Caramel and Berry Blue and 3 new flavours – Mojito – rum, mint and lime, Manuka – NZ manuka honey and cherry and Avocado – yes avocado because combined with chocolate it’s heavenly.

$2.25 per piece





Bark. Who doesn’t like bark? Lots of chocolate with random pieces of other yummy bits. And this bark is delish.

Gem Chocolates has sent us 7 varieties so there’s got to be one for you!

Dark Chocolate with either almonds, or chili and sea salt, or rosemary and sea salt or cherries and blueberries or espresso beans or cherries and hazelnuts.

Milk Chocolate with either almonds or cashews or espresso beans.

100g bags for $10