Locally Made Chocolate Spring 2016 Update



After a long search we are happy to say we have found an incredible chocolatier, Cocohari Fine Chocolates  making the most beautiful and delicious chocolate “gems” right here in Ottawa!

Gluten free, nut free and vegan flavours to choose from, each enrobed in a 70% dark chocolate. Current flavours:

Versailles – old fashioned mint      Copenhagen – elderflower cordial

Marrakesh – espresso cardamom      Acapulco – toasted coconut & dried lime

Outaouais – blueberry-pomegranate      Mumbai – masala chai spices    Malmo – ginger

$2.75 per piece


Hummingbird Chocolate Maker, Ottawa’s own bean-to-bar artisan chocolate maker, makes chocolate the old fashioned way. Hand sorting the beans, then slow roasting them and finally stone grinding them to produce a unique and delicious bar in their Almonte workshop.

Currently there are 7 single origin 70% dark chocolate flavours available:

Award winning hispaniola (Dominican Republic beans),  newly created alta verapaz (Guatemalan beans)bo-nib-ia (Bolivian cacao sprinkled with nibs) Fleur de Sel (Dominican Republic beans complemented with a tang of salt),  Raspberry Nib (Bolivia cacao sprinkled with raspberries and cocoa nibs), Honey Lavender (Zorzal chocolate filled with caramelized Ottawa Valley honey, lavender oil and flowers from PEI) and Maple (just 2 ingredients: cacao and locally-made maple sugar).

FOOD FACT: No preservatives – ever! Soy free, gluten free, all organic and fair trade cacao and cane sugar.

$6.50 – $8.50 per 50g bar

Olivia Chocolat, from Cantley Quebec, offers an exciting array of chocolate choices! Dairy free milk chocolate, artisan bars, raw bars and bars sweetened with maple sugar are just some of their assortment.

Olivia Chocolat is a soft, smooth chocolate ranging from 44% to 92% cacao made from Criollo beans.

We currently carry 6 flavours: Raw Hempmilk,  CoCo Milk, Artisan Chai, Artisan Maple Flakes 76%, Artisan 76% and Artisan RAW 86%

FOOD FACT: ALL BARS are 100% school safe- peanut and tree nut free, dairy free (including both milk bars), naturally gluten free, soy free. Fair trade and organic cacao and sugar cane.

$2.00 per 14g bar, $7.00 per 50g bar, $10 for 2 bar package (86% only)