Locally Made Chocolate Fall 2017


“Stunning”                  “Too pretty to eat.”            “They look amazing”

That’s what we hear when people see these beautiful truffles by Ottawa’s own            Cocohari Fine Chocolates.

” Oh my god!”        “ohhhh”          “Fantastic”

That’s what we hear when people eat these delicious gems! Vegan, gluten and nut free so everyone can enjoy them!

Current flavours – Marrakesh (espresso cardamom) Amazonia (passion fruit rum) Havana (cinnamon clove) Outaouais (Blueberry pomegranate) New Orleans (spicy root beer) Devon (Earl Grey) Annapolis (maple lavender) Hanoi (ginger lemongrass) and Tokyo (match green tea) $2.75 per piece. All made with dark chocolate.    Please note – not all flavours are available at all times!



Hummingbird Chocolate Maker, Ottawa’s own bean-to-bar artisan chocolate maker made headlines across the country last year when they were awarded the Golden Bean for their hispaniola 70% dark bar. In the chocolate world, earning the Golden Bean award means the bar was the overall best bar in the competition and thus is dubbed “the best chocolate in the world”!!! Made right here in their workshop in Almonte.

Currently we have 6 of their single origin 70% dark chocolate bars – the hispaniola (when we can keep it in stock!), the 3 newest bars – Cap-Haitien with notes of Raspberry Fudge, Copan, made from Honduran cacao, and OH MAMA! is back with yummy notes of brown sugar & butter. Flavoured bars include the Mayan – a touch of spice – a hint of heat, Fleur de Sel made with Canadian sea salt and the 65% PB & JOY with roasted peanuts and fruity chocolate. $8 to $8.50 per bar. All bars are dairy free, soy free, gluten free and vegan.



Olivia Chocolat from Cantley Quebec, “revive and invigorate the process of bean-to bar chocolate making to offer Natural Allergen Free” bars. We have a fantastic assortment of non-dairy milk chocolate and dark chocolate that is naturally gluten free, soy free, dairy free, vegan, nut and peanut free, kosher pareve! Olivia uses coconut milk and hemp milk to replace the dairy, resulting in smooth creamy bars. All bars are certified organic.

Currently we have 50g bars in Coco-White Milk Choco – white coconut milk bar infused with pineapple, HempMilk Choco – dairy free with a nutty chocolate taste, Coco-Milk Choco – dairy free with a mild coconut flavour, Chai Choco-Latte – 5 organic spices in coconut milk and Maple Flakes – organic maple sugar sprinkled on a 76% dark chocolate bar. $7 per bar

Olivia bars are also available in 12g bars – same flavours as above as well as raw 76% Caramel & Fleur de Sel and Artisan 76%. $2 each.





The newest item from Olivia Chocolat  – this fantastic chocolate syrup! Full dark chocolate syrup for Cafe Mocha, Hot Chocolate, fruit and ice cream drizzle in a great squeeze bottle perfect for latte and hot chocolate art.

Flying off the shelves! Allergen free – free of peanut, almond, walnut, hail, brazil and main allergen nuts, as well as soy free and gluten free.

Great taste and no preservatives!

335g flip top squeeze bottle $6