International Finds Spring 2016 Update

Marou Chocolate, according to the New York Times, is “The Best Chocolate You’ve Never Tasted”. How’s that for an endorsement???

We knew that back a few years ago when we tried this chocolate for the first time – it was distinctly different in flavour from anything we had ever tasted. These trinitario cacao beans are grown in Vietnam, hand selected by Maruta and Mourou, the founders and chocolate makers at Marou, who then use a very traditional French technique to create these unusual bars. As one customer described the sensation and flavour of the bars: “It’s like a party in my mouth!”

We try to have all the available bars in stock, ranging from the newest Dak Lak 70% to the 85% Heart of Darkness, so often we have 8 bars varieties.

Dak Lak 70% and Marou Treasure Island 3/4 each earned a Silver award at the recent Academy of Chocolate UK 2016 competition.

Food Fact: Soy, dairy and gluten free. Made with 3 ingredients: cocoa, cocoa butter, cane sugar.

$11.00 per 100g bar, $6.00 per 100g bag of Marou cocoa nibs


Dick Taylor Chocolate is the creation of Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor, who have gone from making furniture and wood boats to making chocolate. For them, “the time and care required to … shape a plank is not unlike the process of hand crafting chocolate from the bean.”With a hands on approach, they start with the finest fair trade cacao and perform all the steps in-house to turn it into delicious chocolate in their small factory in Arcata, California.

By not taking any short cuts, they are able to leave out vanilla, cocoa butter or emulsifiers in hopes of highlighting the subtle flavour nuances of the cacao from around the world.

We carry 5 Dick Taylor bars: 72% AltoBeni, Bolivia Limited Release, 72% Madagascar Sambirano, 74% Dominican Republic Finca Elvesia, Black Fig 72% Madagascar and Maple Coconut 72% Belize, as well as seasonal additions.

The 72% Madagascar recently earned a Gold award and 72% Belize a Silver in the Academy of Chocolate UK 2016 competition.

Food Fact: No additives or preservatives. Just 2 ingredients: organic cacao and cane sugar. Gluten free, soy free, dairy free.

$13.00 per 57g bar, $17 per 227g bag  Peppermint Drinking Chocolate with 72% Madagascar chocolate


Askinosie Chocolate comes with such a great story we suggest you pour yourself a cup of tea, grab a chocolate bar and settle in to read Shawn and Caron Askinosie and daughter Lauren’s story. You’ll find most of it on their website Admirable really. If you don’t look it up, that’s ok. We’re going to tell you about it when you visit us next!

Askinosie is a bean to bar chocolatemaker, sourcing their beans directly from farmers in Corte, Honduras, Davao in the Philippines, Mababu, Tanzania and San Jose del Tambo, Ecuador. Their award winning chocolate includes a white chocolate made bean to bar – the first ever.

Currently we have Ecuador 70% , 70% Honduras,  and 77% Philippines bars in large and “Itty bar” versions. More flavours to arrive late June.

Askinosie 72% Mababu, Tanzania bar was recently recognized  with a Silver award at the Academy of Chocolate UK 2016 competition. This bar will be back in stock soon!

Food Fact: Organic ingredients, gluten and soy free

$12 – $13 per 85g bar, $1.25 per 7g Itty Bar


AMMA. The story behind these bars is quite interesting, as is how the company first got started. Diego Badaro is a 5th generation cacao planter from Brazil and is passionate about growing the best cacao beans for chocolate production. He also cares deeply for the Brazilian rainforest, where these beans are grown. He sent these beans to Dagoba Organic Chocolate in the US, who were so impressed with them, they immediately got on a plane to visit AMMA in Brazil. They have since partnered to produce and market  high quality organic chocolate and thus AMMA Chocolate was born.

We carry 6 AMMA bars, ranging from 30% and 40% milk chocolate to 75%, 85% and 100% dark chocolate, plus  the Gula Merah 70% bar that is sweetened with organic coconut sugar instead of cane.

Both the 100% dark and the Gula Merah 70% bar have just earned a Silver award in their respective categories at the Academy of Chocolate UK 2016 competition.

Food Fact: Organic, Gluten Free, Kosher

$10 per 80g bar


If you haven’t tried TAZA Chocolate yet, you are in for a real treat. “Taza founder Alex Whitmore took his first bite of stone ground chocolate while traveling in Oaxaco, Mexico. He was so inspired by its rustic intensity that he decided to create a chocolate factory back home in Somerville, MA. He learned how to hand carve granite mills to make a new kind of American chocolate…”

Organic cacao is stone ground, leaving the texture granular, and the flavour intense! This is a different kind of chocolate, with a different taste sensation.

Our assortment varies as we mix it up with each order. Currently we have plain 70% and 80% bars, flavoured and plain chocolate discs for eating or drinking and Amaze bars that mix flavours into various cocoa content such as 60% chocolate with Raspberry and Nibs.

Food Fact: Organic, Direct Trade, Soy, Gluten and Dairy Free, Pareve, Vegan

$7 – $9 for bars from 70g to 85g


We heard way too much good stuff about Patric Chocolate not to include it in our bean to bar collection. Chocolate maker Alan McClure creates his magic in Columbia, Missouri but searches the world for cocoa beans with the best flavour, choosing organic when possible, and paying at least Fair Trade, though often much higher prices for them.

Driven to create the finest single -origin, blended and flavoured chocolate imaginable he has been honing his craft since a trip to France in his twenties led him to an all consuming passion for chocolate!

Each month Patric Chocolate releases 4 bars, so the assortment is always changing. Currently we have 4 Patric bars to choose from, but if you really like one, you better stock up, cause who knows when they’ll be back!

Good Food Award Winners Mocha OMG, 67% Madagascar and 72% Mint Crunch are in stock, as well as the Limited Edition Oatmeal Cookie but once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Food Fact: Organic (specified on each bar), soy and gluten free

$16 per 65g bar


We are loving the assortment of bars from AKESSON, which is growing in numbers, because they are so unique and interesting.

AKESSON is a chocolate maker living in Vienna, who has stores in the UK and gets his beans from his family cocoa plantations in Madagascar – very international! His family also owns pepper plantations, so it’s only natural that he would combine the cocoa with pepper and develop bars such as 75% Trinitario beans from Madagascar with Black Pepper.

Also in our assortment we have AKESSON’s single plantation Madagascar 43% White Chocolate – the only white chocolate in the world made with single origin cocoa butter. At the extreme other end of the spectrum we have, and can’t keep in stock, the award winning Madagascar 100% Criollo Cocoa. And lots of other options in between in both milk and dark chocolate.

At the recent 2016 Academy of Chocolate Competition in the UK, AKESSON won Gold for the 75% Madagascar & Wild Pepper bar, Silver for the 43% Madagascar White, and Bronze for 75% Madagascar & Black Pepper.

Food Fact: Organic

$10 per 60g bar


Working directly with farmers, Francois Pralus sources high quality beans from extraordinary cocoa plantations all over the world. Based in France, he roasts the beans to perfection and produces 15 bean-to-bar origins, including Madagascar, where his own cocoa planation is located.

The Tropical Pyramid, pictured here, is Pralus’s flagship product. It’s chocolate from around the world with each terroir and variety of cocoa offering a profound range of nuance and flavour. A wonderful way to experience many different chocolates and really taste the difference the bean type and origin make to the flavour.

Also available in 100g bars, we change that assortment each season. The bars currently in stock are 75% Indonesia, 75% Ecuador, and 75% Cuba.

Food Fact: Some organic bars and Tropique Pyramide are available.

$12 per 100g bar      $22 per 24 pc Tropique Pyramide (120g)       $10 per 10 pc Tropique Pyramide (50g)


Chocolat Madagascar describes itself as Fine, Fresh and Fair. Using the finest cacao beans grown under the shade of the  Sambirano organic rainforest, they craft fresh chocolate in their factory that is located close to their cacao plantations, ensuring the flavour of the beans are freshly captured. The whole process, from seed, to tree to cacao to chocolate is all completed in Madagascar, creating a a much greater benefit for the Malagasy people than just exporting the cacao beans, raising the value at origin many times.

New to JoJo CoCo this season, we are happy to offer a 34% Fine White Chocolate with Bourbon Vanilla Cavier, the award winning 50% Fine Milk Chocolate, the very popular 70% Fine Dark  as well as the organic 85% Fine Dark. Coming soon… the much requested 100% Fine Dark Chocolate.

Food Fact: All dark chocolate is vegan, all bars are made with no added flavours or chemical processing.

$10 per 85g bar, $1 per 5g square


Max and Ally are the creators behind Cocopotamus, taking fudge to a whole new level!

The modern twist of Cocopotamus fudge truffles makes them “smoother, creamier and less sweet than old school fudge”. Their deep, dark chocolate and caramel fudges are made with top quality ingredients from around the world and are available in so many flavours we have a hard time limiting the assortment! Currently we have 10 flavours, including some caramel fudge options and 3 vegan flavours.

Dark chocolate couverture from Belgium and Switzerland, the darkest cocoa powder from Switzerland, pure dairy (whole milk from natural sources and no butter or cream), natural cane sugar, organic and natural flavours and exotic touches is what makes this chocolate so amazing! No wonder it’s the chocolate celebrity gift at the Oscars, Golden Globe and the Emmys.

Food Fact: All natural, no preservatives, handmade, gluten free, wheat free, no corn syrup. 3 Vegan flavours available.

$2.50 per truffle

Crio Bru Cocoa Grounds  - A new way to enjoy cocoa. Brew it like coffee. Yup.

“100% perfectly roasted cocoa beans. Nothing more, nothing less. A healthy hot drink you make in your french press or coffee maker. Save the brewed grounds and add them to your favourite chocolate dessert recipe or into your smoothie for that extra chocolate flavouring!”

For the spring we have 3 flavours to choose from: Cavalla – cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast with flavour notes of coconut and cinnamon, Coco River – cocoa beans from Ecuador with notes of green banana and blackberries and Maracaibo – beans from Venezuela with notes of caramel and cherry. The Crio Espresso – beans grounded specifically for your espresso machine is another choice.

Food Fact: No preservatives, no sugar, no gluten, no dairy and only 10 calories.

$20 – $24 per 340g bag. Chocolate Covered Cocoa Beans also available $18 per 170g bag

Move over cheese!

Thanks to BRIX Chocolate we now have a chocolate that has been specifically blended to pair with your favourite wine. So replace the cheese and pair your wine with chocolate instead.

The winner of 7 Awards at the Napa Valley Luxury and S.F. Chocolate Salon, BRIX is based on the best chocolate from Ghana, blended from 46% to 70% cocoa and paired with wine ranging from lighter reds and dessert wines to the most full bodied reds.

Have fun with it…serve it to your guests on a cutting board and let everyone help themselves to a chunk!

Chocolate and wine. Does it get any better???

Various sizes and packaging options available from individual bites, or blocks to Collection Book $0.75 to $30.00

Originally a restaurant in the old Paris quarters, Aux Anysetiers du Roy specialized in provencal cooking. In the 60′s it was very fashionable to dine here, with celebrities such as Salvadore Dali and Brigitte Bardot frequenting the restaurant.

After dinner, each patron was offered a small “Herb de Provence” crock as a gift. The success of the crock led to the production of a line of speciality items, one of which is Fondue au Chocolat. Creating their own recipes and hand filling the crocks makes this a craftsmanship production, original and exclusive.

The simplicity of this fondue is its beauty. A few minutes in the microwave on low and it’s ready to serve. No messy clean up – if you don’t eat all the chocolate just put the lid back on and you can reheat it another time.

Currently in stock – 70% Dark with Orange and 70% Dark with more on the way in June.

$19 per 200g pot


Who doesn’t love the intense taste of dark chocolate and peppermint?

At Summerdown their rare, single-estate peppermint oil is grown, harvested and distilled at their farm in Hampshire Downs, England. This mint is the taste of days gone by, it’s fresh, smooth and bright, the traditional Black Mittcham peppermint from the early 20th century.

Dark chocolate, pure English peppermint, aromatic, lingering and unique…is your mouth watering yet?

We carry 2 variations of these lovely mints: Peppermint Fondants and Mint Crisps, each in 70% dark chocolate.

$20.00 per 200g box