Easter Sunday April 21, 2019

Easter and chocolate go hand in hand. Eggs and bunnies abound! From egg hunts to setting the table, chocolate plays an important role at Easter time! Our chocolate makers and chocolatiers have brought back the yearly favourites and added some new flavours. Here’s a peak at what we have in store for you this year.

Chocolate Rabbits by Dick Taylor, California
Made with the same delicious bean that’s in one of our favourite bars, Dick Taylor’s new single origin Chocolate Rabbit is also created with cacao from Belize, Toledo. Delicious, beautifully packaged and the perfect size for hiding. $16
Gem Chocolates, Vancouver BC
Gem Chocolates, our featured chocolatier responsible for making so many delicious truffles and caramels, has also sent us a few beauties for Easter. The Gem Bunnies are made with Valhronha chocolate and are available in Milk or Dark Chocolate. Their coppery, shiny coat is the finishing special touch. $18
Gem Chocolates, Vancouver, BC
Gem Chocolates didn’t stop with Bunnies. They also hand painted these stunning eggs! Each egg is unique with various colours and patterns. Made in 2 pieces, there’s the option to fill the eggs with even more Easter goodies or a few truffles. Available in milk or dark chocolate. $24
Holds worth Chocolate, UK
Back again with some favourites and a new piece, Holdsworth Chocolates are delightful. Milk chocolate large eggs, small eggs and bunnies filled with caramel and the cutest little hedgehog make up the assortment. Quality chocolate in pretty packaging is the perfect gift! Prices range from $16 to $20
Hummingbird Chocolate, Almonte, Ont
Our local chocolate maker, Hummingbird Chocolate, has brought back their classic bunnies and made a few new things too. The Raspberry Mallow Big Bunny is unbelievably delicious! The Big Bunny is created with beans from Columbia and is now available in a dark milk too. The little bag of bunnies are the perfect size for hiding! New in the assortment are the Honey Bunnies and Jean Dewie Bunnies. Three bunnies packaged in a little round box, these bunnies have either honey or hazelnut ganache filling. $7 to $15
Newfoundland Chocolate Company, St John’s Newfoundland
Back in town again, Calvin, Bennie and Tommy are making a reappearance! Calvin the Come From Away bunny is named for those who live in Newfoundland but aren’t from there, is a dark chocolate with orange and crushed hazelnuts. Bennie the Bayman is milk chocolate with blueberries and biscotti. Tommie the Townie, who lives in the city, is milk chocolate with toffee and almonds. $12
Olivia Chocolat, Gatineau, Quebec
Olivia Chocolat makes amazing Vegan chocolate in white, milk and dark chocolate. Using coconut milk the Vegan white egg is infused with a little pineapple – like a Pina Colada – this chocolate is sweet and fruity. The Coco-Milk bunny is a solid 250g of sweet chocolate for those who prefer a lighter chocolate but don’t want dairy. The 76% Raw Dark egg is for those who want a deep rich chocolate without a dairy replacement. Nut free, dairy free, gluten free and vegan, Olivia provides chocolate free of most allergens! Egg $17, Bunny $20
Buttermilk Artisan Confectionary, UK
New to our Easter assortment are Buttermilk Artisan Confectionary’s Easter eggs. The handmade Strawberry Bellini Egg is created with white chocolate jewelled with freeze dried strawberries and filled with strawberry bellini fudge complete with popping candy fizz! The award winning Caramel Sea Salt egg is handmade with Belgian chocolate decorated with butterscotch chips and filled with pieces of caramel sea salt caramel. $20
Chocolate Signature, Toronto
Colourful milk ganache eggs are perfect for hiding or decorating the table for Easter dinner! $1.50
ICKX Chocolate, Belgium
Doesn’t get any cuter than this! Easter lollies and hazelnut ganache filled ducks made with Belgian chocolate. A yearly favourite! Lollies $3.50 Pack of 8 Ducks $12
Christine Burnside Designs, Gatineau Quebec
The finishing touch for your gift giving. Cards by #christineburnsidedesigns and made especially for us, the 3 here are for this time of year but there’s plenty more to choose from, perfect for all occasions! $4