Easter Beauty 2018

Easter’s just around the corner! This year Easter Sunday is April 1. It will be here before you know it, so don’t let it sneak up on you!

Our assortment of Easter chocolate has some of our yearly favourites as well as new finds, milk, dark and vegan options, bunnies, eggs, chicks…the list is long! We’ve put together some of what’s in store, but for the full assortment you’ll need to come see us!


Hummingbird Chocolate always brings back favourites and comes up with something new! That’s why we love them…and of course because they are our local chocolate maker we love them even more!

This year it’s all about the bunnies again – but with a new twist. There’s a 60% Milk option! So if you want your chocolate on a little sweeter side but don’t want to forego the taste of chocolate, this could be the bunny for you.

Raspberry Marshmallow in 70% Dark Nicaraguan chocolate is back $15

Big Bunny in 70% Dark or 60% Dark Milk Chocolate $12.00

Bag of Bunnies in 70% Dark  $7.00 (bag of 5 pieces and great for hiding)





We are over the moon for Gem Chocolate this Easter. First the beauty of these eggs, the fun in the bunnies and all the great flavours of eggs for hiding…just can’t get enough!

Gem Chocolate is now using Valrhona chocolate for these treats, and for those who don’t know Valrhona they are a French chocolate company that makes very high quality chocolate from the bean and is used by chocolatiers around the world who want to work with the best chocolate couverture for their creations.  The particular chocolate used by Gem Chocolate is the Satilia 35% for the milk products and 62% dark for the others.

Gem Chocolate is based in Vancouver, BC

Large Eggs in Milk or Dark $24 (both are gluten free, dark eggs are dairy free)

These eggs are made in 2 halves and fit up to 3 truffles inside. Dark or milk eggs filled with 2 dark or milk caramel truffles are $29.90


Gem Chocolate Bunnies are lustred in gold, stand 4″ tall and are solid chocolate. We’re sure the ears will be the first to go when you bite into this rabbit!

Made with same delicious Valhrona chocolate as the Eggs, the bunnies are available in 35% Milk Chocolate and 62% Dark Chocolate.

Both bunnies are gluten free and the Dark Bunny is dairy free. $13

Need some eggs for hiding? Gem Chocolate eggs are perfect! We have packaged them individually and each one has a flavour card attached.

5 Flavours available but in limited quantities!

Vegan Flavours: Chocolate Mint, Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Coconut $2.95

Other Flavours: Milk Caramel, Dark Caramel $2.95.

Gem Chocolate is based in BC

We are thrilled to announce that Olivia Chocolate has produced an Easter assortment. Why are we so thrilled? Because Olivia makes beautiful vegan chocolate in dark, but also in “milk” and vegan white that is nut free!

Olivia Chocolate has a 250g Bunny that we have already sold out in the Coco Milk and will be getting more in before the Easter week-end hits!

Along with 250g bunny (which is solid and that’s a lot of chocolate!) Olivia has also delivered a 200g Egg with a chocolate surprise inside, and a 75g bag of small eggs and bunnies – great for  Easter hiding!

All Olivia chocolate is gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and nut free.

250g Bunny $20, 200G Egg with Surprise inside $18, 75g of small Easter treats $10

Limited Quantities!

Cute, fun milk chocolate from Belgium. Every holiday we get a few things from Chocolaterie Ickx because they are delicious and always have something fun to offer.

This year we have the bunnies – all milk chocolate $6

And some Easter Lollipops – bunnies, sheep and chicks $3.50

And the cutest little ducks in a row! An 8 piece sleeve with white and milk chocolate ducks with a creamy milk filling. $14