Bunnies & Eggs – it’s Easter 2017!


Time to start thinking about what you need to pick up for Easter.

We’ve got the goodies for giving, hiding and adding to the Easter dinner table.

But they won’t be here long (bunnies are so quick!)  – don’t be disappointed! Come see us soon!

Hummingbird Chocolate, our local chocolate maker here in Ottawa, has delivered 2 Bunnies this year. Both made with 70% dark chocolate from Nicaragua cocoa beans and made “bean to bar”, these bars have flavour notes of brown sugar and butter. Hummingbird Bunnies are a favourite every year!

60g Solid Bunny $12

60g Raspberry Marshmallow Bunny $15

Dairy, soy and gluten free

What’s cuter than a baby bunny???

SIX baby bunnies!

Hummingbird Chocolate has packaged 6 bitty bunnies in one bag.

Hide the whole bag or open it up hide 6 bunnies and let the hunt begin!

70% dark chocolate made from Nicaraguan cocoa beans with tasting notes of brown sugar and butter.

Dairy, soy and gluten free

50g bag $6

Award winning chocolatier, Gem Chocolates in Vancouver, sends us these stunningly beautiful eggs every Easter.

Made in 2 pieces, there’s the option to fill them with other chocolate eggs. Nothing wrong with more chocolate!

Hand made, Gem also hand paints these beauties with cocoa butter. Some say they’re too beautiful to eat.

We say posh! They are  too DELICIOUS not to eat.

Available in various colours. 120g egg $22

Gluten free

These little guys are perfect for hiding!

Gem Chocolate has made 4 flavours for us so there’s bound to be something for everybody.

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Mint (vegan) and Dark Chocolate (vegan)

$2.25 each

Gluten Free, Vegan options

Adorable bunnies from Gem Chocolate, in Vancouver.

Available in Dark or Milk Chocolate.

We’ve boxed and ribboned them so they’re ready for giving!

120g hollow bunnies $18

Gluten Free

We’ve nicknamed these our Happy Bunnies. We swear they’re having a laugh at something!

Gem Chocolate’s newest bunny – the Tall Bunny – standing straight up at 5″.

Available in white chocolate.

50g hollow bunny $10

Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

The Newfoundland Chocolate Company has delivered lots of eggs!

White, milk or dark chocolate hand painted so each egg is unique.

100g egg $10

A lovely collection from the House of Dorchester in the UK.

 Seven different images that remind us the snow will soon be gone and spring will really be here!

The 7 Piece Pictorial of Spring is all creamy milk chocolate and makes a great gift,

good for sharing, good for hiding and so pretty for the Easter table.

70g package $13

Spring has sprung at SOMA Chocolate, in Toronto.

Lemon Toffee, Mango Bars and Citrus Carrots call out warmer weather and lots of fruit to enjoy!

Lemon Toffee Bark with Pistachio – this will be the last shipment of this delicious bark, so get it while you can. $12

Mango Bars with Chili Lime Salt – loaded up with ridiculous amounts of mango, a squeeze of lime, and chili & salt to intensify the flavour. A special bar only available at this time of the year. 30g $8

Blood Orange Carrot Cones – earthy, citrusy, sweet, creamy and adorable! $4

Box of 8 sheep anyone?

Milk Chocolate Almond Praline Sheep “Cupcakes” by Belgian Chocolatier Ickx

Another great chocolate for hiding or putting on the table for added fun and also makes a great hostess git.

216g Box of 8 pieces $16

LIMITED Quantities

After many requests last year, we went on a mission to find Easter chocolate free from dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and gluten. Not as easy task but when we came across No Whey Chocolate and read customer reviews, we knew we had found what we were looking for.

Introducing No Whey’s Milkless Milk Chocolate!

Franky – the large bunny $23

Benny – the smaller bunny $17

12 piece carton of Hollow Eggs $20

12 piece carton of “Cream” Filled Eggs $20

Egg and Rabbit Lollies $5

Vegan, dairy free, nut free, peanut free, gluten free

Call us for detailed ingredient list.