Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Made in Canada Assortment Winter 2018 – 2019

Discovering the World of Chocolate!

Here’s our page dedicated to “Bean to Bar Chocolate” made here in Canada with fine quality beans sourced from around the world!

Not sure what “Bean to Bar” means?

The term refers to chocolate that is crafted directly from the cacao bean, often produced in small batches and primarily by artisan chocolate makers. The cocoa beans used are fine flavour beans, rather than low quality beans, that  are sourced by the chocolate maker, who then puts the beans through a a multi step process including roasting, grinding, and refining to highlight the flavour notes of the beans and create a chocolate bar.

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In the meantime, here’s a look at our Bean to Bar collection today, with more arriving weekly.

Hummingbird Chocolate  needs no introduction! Our local rock star of the chocolate world, making award winning chocolate from their workshop in Almonte, Ont.

Whether you line plain dark bars with beans from Honduras, Dominican Republic or Nicaragua or flavoured bars like the Mayan, Fleur de Sel or PB and Joy or even want to enjoy a bar sweetened with maple, Hummingbird has made a bar, or two, for you!

The hispaniola bar, highlighted in the front of the photo was awarded in 2016 with the Winner of the Golden Bean Award by the Academy of Chocolate  and was referred to as the “the best bar in the world” in that year!

All bars are dairy free, vegan, gluten free, soy free and range from $8 to $10.


SOMA Chocolate started their adventure into chocolate in 2003, working from their workshop/retail shop in the Distillery area of Toronto. Their chocolate is nothing short of amazing and is loved by their fellow Torontonians, as well as anyone who can get their hands on it! We have been fortunate to carry SOMA chocolate in our store since we began our chocolate adventure back in 2012. Award winning, creative, explorative chocolate makers, the people at SOMA continue to send us our old favourites and give us new favourites.

Options include dairy free, gluten free, soy free plain dark micro batch bars made from single origin beans, as well as Roasted White, Milk Old School and Milk Starry Night.

Priced from $10.50 to $20.00 and assortment changes frequently!




In Mont Tremblant, Quebec, chocolate maker, Palette de Bine, suffered a devastating fire in the fall of 2017,  losing everything –  the work shop, recipes, cocoa beans and the store. But, Christine Blais, the chocolate maker extraordinaire behind Palette de Bine, worked through this major set back and is producing beautiful bars once again. Particular about the cacao beans she uses, Christine’s current assortment includes 70% bars with Haiti, Guatemala, Bolivia and Peruvian beans. Our recent delivery included 2 bars of different beans blended with 2 different coffee beans, resulting in 2 very different bars. As well, 100% Guatemala bar and a 110% bar. When asked what the heck is a 110% bar, Christine tells us it’s the 100% bar with 10% more cocoa nibs sprinkled in 🙂

The bars are all dairy, gluten, soy and nut free and range from $12 to $20.



We are madly in love with these unique bars by ChocoSol. Made with Mexican, Guatemalan, Dominican Republic and Ecuadorian cocoa beans, and using a specific method that involves a low processing time, the result is a “rustic, full bodied mouth-feel and texture” that is simply delicious.

Using other ingredients, such as vanilla, sea salt, coconut or chilis, ChocoSol changes the texture, mouth-feel and experience of the each unique bar.

Not pictured here due to availability  – the award winning Jaguar Swirl  will be back soon hopefully – fingers crossed.

All bars are soy, gluten, dairy, nut free and vegan and made in Toronto.

Bars are available in half or full sizes priced $7 to $15 depending on size and ingredients.


DESBARRES Chocolate is a relative newcomer to the chocolate making world but they aren’t losing any time making a name for themselves! Based in Uxbridge, Ont, they are making plain dark single origin bars with fantastic flavour and a wonderful mouth feel.

Their first win from the International Chocolate Awards was for their Black Pepper Cardamom bar, the next for the Orange Spice and then Tanzania 72%.

The newest bar is “Zafara”  72% Guatemalan chocolate with the addition of Canadian- grown True Saffron. It’s one of the most interesting flavour combos we’ve tasted in quite some time!

All bars are gluten and soy free, vegan,  and priced at $8.


We sell so many bars by Sirene Chocolate we never seem to have them all in stock at the same time to get them into a photo together! Missing here is Dark Milk, Winter Warmer, the Tanzania/Ecuador 73% 2 bar package and a new one on its way.

Sirene Chocolate is crafted by Taylor Kennedy in his workshop in Victoria BC. He uses direct sourced beans from select farms and “brings out the complex range of natural flavours inherent in each bean and transform it into the chocolate of your dreams.” (Sirene).  And true to his word, Taylor is producing dreamy chocolate that is winning awards from both the Academy of Chocolate and the International Chocolate Awards.

All bars, except Dark Milk, are gluten, soy, dairy and nut free and range from $9 to $11.


The newest assortment we have added to the store comes from Jacobean Craft Chocolate in Newfoundland.

These bars are 32g are precious squares of plain dark single origin cocoa from Mexico and Peru respectively. The 3 flavoured options have a base of  Peruvian cocoa and your choice of  Sea Salt Pumpkin Seed, Newfoundland Roasted Coffee Beans or Newfoundland Sea Salt.

The bars are all organic and are your for $5!

New but making friends fast, the Ultimate Chocolate assortment is becoming a customer fave! Four bars are in the current assortment but Lisabeth is always working on something new so the Special Edition bar has just arrived.

Earlier in 2018, 2 of these bars  were awarded Bronze in their categories by the Academy of Chocolate 2018. Buttermilk, so rich and creamy you’ll moan when you taste it, and 80% Canadian Maple that will make you stand up and pay attention to the flavour the maple sweetener adds to the rich flavours of the Honduras cocoa.

The 70% Honduras bar is a new addition in our Chocolate & Wine events because it pairs so deliciously well with it’s Catena Malbec partner! And the Special Edition bar The Sweet & Salty Canadian in a Peruvian cacao sweetened with maple sugar and sprinkled with pure maple flakes is not to be missed!

Made with all organic ingredients, 69g bars for $11 each.


Made in Gatineau Quebec using a process that removes the bitterness from chocolate, Olivia Chocolat produces high cocoa content bars that are rich and full of flavour. Their chocolate is also vegan, allergen free and nut free – so that means everyone can enjoy this chocolate!

“Milk” options are created with coconut milk or hemp milk, combining superfoods and a high cocoa content for “milk” bars making for a sweeter but healthy option perfect for when your sweet tooth has a craving.

Bars are available in 2 piece pocket size (!) and 50g bars $2 and $7

Recently, Wild Sweets began making bean to bar chocolate and we knew we just had to have them in stock. Their creativity and abilities as chocolatier has earned them a ranking of  “One of 25 Best Chocolatiers in the World” and awarded “Best Chocolatiers & Confectioners in America”. We are sure we will be soon seeing these bars on the international list of great bean to bar chocolate makers.

Working with premium cocoa beans from the cooperative in Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania, farmer-owned and operated cooperative Monserrat in Trinidad and Maleku’s 240 smallholder cocoa farmers in Costa Rica, Wild Sweets has produced high quality, distinctly flavoured 70% dark bars.

Available in 56g bars for $9