Bean-to-Bar Chocolate International Assortment Winter 2018 – 2019

Discover a World of Chocolate!

 “Bean to Bar Chocolate” made by award winning international chocolate makers.

Not sure what “Bean to Bar” means?

The term refers to chocolate that is crafted directly from the cacao bean, often produced in small batches and primarily by artisan chocolate makers. The cocoa beans used are fine flavour beans, rather than low quality beans, that  are sourced by the chocolate maker, who then puts the beans through a a multi step process including roasting, grinding, and refining to highlight the flavour notes of the beans and create a chocolate bar.

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In the meantime, here’s a look at our International Bean to Bar collection today.

Let’s start by introducing Fruition Chocolate, based in New York state. These award winning bars are relatively new to our assortment and love is in the air! There’s something different and delicious about each one – so much so you just have to work your way through the collection, enjoying each one!

The Toasted White is a PERFECT pairing with Aberlour 12 year old Single Malt Scotch. Some say white chocolate isn’t really chocolate. Totally disagree. This bar is made with 38% cocoa butter. That makes it chocolate 🙂 Whipped to a light brown and tasting like  dulce de leche…heavenly.

The World Finals 2018 at the International Chocolate Competition just awarded a Silver to the Wild Bolivia Bar, and a Bronze to the Brown Butter Milk Chocolate!

60g bars $14

Raaka Virgin Chocolate hails from Brooklyn New York. What’s virgin chocolate you might ask? Traditionally the first step is making chocolate is roasting the beans. Rack skips this step, so their bars are made from unroasted beans.

Why skip this step might be your next question. Because Raaka believes in the bold, fruity flavour of the bean and sees no need to alter that through roasting.  The focus is on the flavours of the bean’s fermentation profile.

Suffice to say, these bars have bright flavour notes and when given the twist of flavours combinations from Raaka, the result are bars that are an incredible tasting adventure! Every recipe that is developed is inspired by the flavour of whatever bean is being worked with and how the additions will enhance or bring forward those flavour notes already in the bean.

Bars are $11 and little versions are available in 2 flavours – Pink Sea Salt and Coconut Milk for $1.50 Organic bars. Gluten, soy and dairy free.

TAZA Chocolate is stone ground chocolate inspired by traditional methods and the processes of Mexican style chocolate. It’s all about minimal processing to create bold flavoured bars with texture.

Alex Whitmore, the founder at TAZA in Massachusetts, USA, believes that unrefined, minimally processed chocolate lets the complex flavours of the cacao bean stand out loud and clear. He learned this while traveling in Mexico and decided to make that same chocolate back home.

“Simply done. Seriously good.” That’s the mission.

This method results in a different chocolate experience than other chocolate you may have experienced that have a  smooth texture. This mouthfeel is quite the opposite.  It’s rustic, it’s gritty, it chewable!

Take that texture and combine with other ingredients treated the same way and yeah, it’s intense! We currently carry the line of  TAZA “Amaze” Bars take unrefined chocolate organic chocolate and pair it with incredible flavours. Espresso Buzz, Toffee Almond and Sea Salt…need we say more?

yes. Organic, vegan, soy and gluten free. All for $7 a bar.

On the west coast of the US, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate is making some amazing chocolate in their small factory in Eureka, California.

These two very talented guys, Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor, take the same approach to making chocolate as they do with making furniture. Yes, they do that too! Using raw organic cacao and sugar they take their time coaxing flavours from their single origin ethically sourced beans and the result is award winning chocolate that we happy to have in our line up of outstanding bars.

Be it a single origin plain dark bar you’re looking for, Dick Taylor has made award winning bars using cacao beans from Belize, Madagascar, Brazil that are anything but plain flavoured! The Northerner Blend is a balanced bar using both Madagascar and Brazilian beans that has become a customer favourite.  Using these wonderful bars as a starting point, they then add flavours like Candied Almond, Vanilla Raspberry, Fleur de Sel, Black Fig and Brown Butter Nibs & Sea Salt bars that are an amazing self indulgence or a fabulous gift for the discerning chocolate fan.

No gluten or soy in this chocolate!

Prices range from $13 for bars to $20 for drinking chocolate (not currently available).

The only place cacao can grow in North America is Hawaii – the right tropical climate and the right terroir for these beautiful beans to grow. These beans are not as readily available as some other origins and we’re thankful to have thee bars in our collection.

Manoa Chocolate is based in Kailua, Hawaii and is making bars with Hawaiian  beans, as well as single origins beans from around the world. Their assortment includes plain dark, plain milk and flavoured bars.

Using other ingredients local to Hawaii, Manoa has created the Breakfast Bar (dark milk bar with a sprinkling of Kona coffee beans and cocoa nibs), Dark Milk Ghost Pepper (yes, it’s hot!), Ali’i Kula Lavender Dark Milk ( Maui lavender soaked in cocoa butter for a creamy, floral flavoured bar), Goat Milk ( a 69% dark milk bar using goat milk) and the Hawaiian Sea Salt that has various types of salt native to the Hawaiian islands ( a favourite).

These award winning bars aren’t consistently available in the store, so if they sound interesting come pick some up soon! $11

AKESSON’S Single Plantation Chocolate comes to us from the UK . The chocolate bars are created in London, using cacao beans imported from Bertil Akesson’s estate in Madagascar and Akesson’s other plantations in Indonesia and Brazil. The estate that has been family owned and operated since the 1970’s.

While his main focus is on managing and developing plantations, Bertil learned about chocolate making through his collaboration with the many chocolate makers he supplies with cacao beans. Their passion was infectious and Bertil decided to try his hand at chocolate making. The result is a line of bars that are made with cacao from his farms, some bars flavoured with different pepper variations, as he farms pepper as well!

Award winning plain single estate bars as well as those with  interesting additions such as wild voatsiperifery pepper make up this line. Some of our customers favourites include the 100% Madagascar Criollo and the 43% White Madagascar bars.  Bars are $10

From restaurant chef to pastry chef to chocolatier to chocolate maker, Patrice Chapon of Chapon Chocolatier believes in chocolate as an “art of living”.

Interestingly, he was first piqued by the world of chocolate after seeing the chocolate displays in Harrod’s department store and there he found his true calling. I too saw those displays, and they too inspired me to follow a path into the world of chocolate! They are very beautiful 🙂

Working with fine flavour cocoa beans Chapon produces a wide range of bars in France. Currently we have a milk and 4 dark bars, as shown in the photo, with limited supply.

$13.50 to $22 based on the origin of the cacao.

This direct quote from the Pralus website pretty much sums up what you can expect from his lovely bars! “Francois Pralus talks with passion about his enthusiasm for “real” chocolate”: You can talk about cocoa vintages just as you can for great wines. The Venezuela grade-up has a slight smoky taste, the Trinitario is woody, powerful and slightly sharp. Madagascar cocoa is fine and acidic and tastes of red fruit…” “

With the exception of Melissa, the milk chocolate bar, all the other bars are a 75% dark chocolate. The bars are rich, creamy and made with different origins.  We have paired these bars with numerous red wines and the combinations are very tasty.

Curious about the differences? Pick up the Pyramid Tropique with its 10 single origin chocolate squares each a different flavour profile – a perfect little tasting you can do to work through the origins to find your favourites.

Bars are $12.50, Pyramids are $12.

Ahhh AMEDEI Tuscany from Italy, how sweet you are! A world renowned chocolate maker with many fans, Cecilia Tessieri, founder of AMEDEI, is devoted to making the best chocolate. “Quality without compromise”.

Chocolate makers for over 20 years, they believe “The company’s development comes from hard work and professionalism pursuing excellent standards at the same time combining tradition and innovation.”

She has traveled the world to locate and purchase the best fine flavour beans in order to produce the best chocolate possible. Honing her skill over many years through training and development, she now uses her outstanding craftsmanship to create award winning bars. AMEDEI has been awarded the “Golden Bean” Award in the bean to bar category from the Academy of Chocolate.

The AMEDEI collection is large and we have hand picked an assortment to offer our customers a little bit of everything. Choose from blended, single origin, flavoured, in white, milk and dark chocolate bars!

AMEDEI puts in a little additional cocoa butter and vanilla to their bars resulting in a smooth mouth-feel every time and a sweetness to even the darkest bar. First time customers to the store who have had AMEDEI before are always thrilled to see it on our shelves!

Bars range from $10 to $12 and a 12 piece box of Napolitains is $16.

There are so many reasons to love zotter Chocolate  from Austria!Bean to bar, fair trade, all organic ingredients. Craftsmanship developed over 30 years.

Family owned, the company started with Joseph with his wife Ulrike in 1987 and now has a team of 200, including their daughter Julia and son Michael.

Creative, whether it be in products, flavour combinations, or packaging, zotter is unique!  It’s obvious in their flavour combinations, their packaging and the way they describe their chocolate inspirations that the family and team have a lot of fun in their chocolate world.

Their most unique bar – the Handscooped Bar – is also their claim to fame. Handicapped bars are filled chocolates. New flavours available every month and so many to choose from it makes it hard to creat a selection so we have decide to change it up every month! For the holidays we have Scotch Whisky and Marc de Champagne among others.

Plain bars range from Rice White (vegan) to 100% dark with lost in between. And new this season are Nougat bars in Almond, Cashew and Peanut.

All bars are $10

Omnom Chocolate is based in Reykjavik, Iceland and was founded by Kjartan Gislason and Oskarr Poroarson in 2013. It began as a challenge to themselves – could they really understand how to make chocolate and do it?

Fast forward 5 years and many awards received,  the World Finals 2018 by the International Competition Awards, awarded Omnom the “best in Competition Overall Winner for their Milk of Nicaragua bar (shown here in the centre right) a gold in the category of Plain/origin milk bar categories!

Sourcing fine flavour beans and pushing the limits with flavour combinations to assess how the chocolate responds to various ingredients, they have developed a very interesting assortment of bars. The newest bar is Black N’ Burnt Barley – the blackest bar we have ever seen and it’s a WHITE chocolate!!! Another unique white bar is Lakkrids + Sea Salt for those who love liquorice with their chocolate.

Bars range between $14 and $15 each.

In the world of bean-to-bar chocolate, cacao is grown in one part of the world and the chocolate is made somewhere else. Not the case with Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat .

Co-founded by Vincent Mourou and Sam Maruta, Marou is based in Vietnam and the whole process from growing cacao to packaging the finished bars is done in Vietnam. Self described as cocoa hunters, the two men spent the early part of their adventure into the chocolate world driving around South Vietnam tasting cacao beans from different regions and discovered the difference in the flavours based on region. And from there decided that the beans alone with determine the overall flavour of the bar.

Award winning bars, Marou ws once described by the New York Times as “the best chocolate you’ll never get”. Wrong. You can get it here!

$12.00 per 80g bar. Soy, gluten, dairy and nut free.

Inspired by tasting bean-to-bar chocolate while traveling but not being able to find what they wanted once they got home, the chocolate makers at FOSSA decided to make bean-to-bar chocolate at home in Singapore and become Singapore’s first award winning chocolate maker.

Mission accomplished! Sourcing fine flavour beans and hand crafting bars from scratch, FOSSA has been recognized for their craftsmanship by the International Chocolate Awards in both 2017 and 2018.

Currently we carry 4 bars raining fro 68% to 85% made with cacao from Pisa, Haiti, Alto Beni, Bolivia and Davao, Philippines. Bars are $12.